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Supermodel Erin O'Connor has been an ambassador for Save the Children since the launch of our No Child Born to Die campaign in 2011.


Erin O’Connor first joined Save the Children to front our Bag to Save a Life auction, which aimed to raise money and awareness for the need for health workers all over the world. The auction was supported by a range of celebrities and raised in excess of £20,000.  

As Erin learnt more about Save the Children's work, she felt compelled to see it in action. In January 2012 Erin travelled to India, which inspired her continued work with us.

"As I began to get a deeper understanding of the vital, life-saving work Save the Children does, I felt compelled to help in any way I could. This is about safe-keeping, inspiring and empowering a future generation – to facilitate them to make their own lives a little bit better."


Erin has brought her in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry to Save the Children, working with us both behind the scenes and fronting campaigns. Erin is also prolific on Twitter and helps enormously with our social media presence, ensuring we can reach thousands of people.



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